Understanding The Differences Between Angular.Js And Node.Js

angularjs vs nodejsJavaScript made many things easier for web developers. What started as a simple way to validate form data, open pop-up boxes and add a little more functionality to websites, has now grown to be the most important programming language for both server-side and client-side scripting of web applications.

As JavaScript evolved, many libraries, such as jQuery, Angular.js and Node.js, came into the scenario and each had its own added convenience and powerful features.

As these libraries are increasingly becoming mandatory for developing successful web applications, understanding the differences between them is very important.

Google patches second round of Stagefright flaws in Android

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How-to-access-your-Android-phones-hidden-Testing-menuGoogle has issued patches for two new Stagefright-related vulnerabilities, one of which affects Android versions going back to 2008 and puts millions of users at risk.

The flaws were found by security company Zimperium, which also unearthed the original Stagefright flaws in April.

In an advisory Monday, Google said it didn’t appear that attackers have started exploiting the vulnerabilities yet.

Adobe Photoshop Express 4.0 Released for iOS

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Adobe Photoshop ExpressAdobe has released Photoshop Express 4.0 for iOS bringing a new user experience, support for CreativeSync, the ability to import for Dropbox and Facebook, and more.

Photo editing made fun, fast and easy. Touch your way to better-looking iPhone pictures using slide bar adjustments, or let automatic one-touch fixes do it for you. Share with friends and family via Facebook, Instagram or text/email.

iOS or Android? Choice of smartphone OS could reveal your sexual preferences

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iOs vs AndroidLondon: Is your choice for smartphone platform a give away on your sexual preferences? Yes, claims a new study.
The Android versus iOS divide is not just confined to technology alone but also seeps into personal choices, the study by Pornhub – one of the biggest adult web sites in world – suggests.

Pornhub conducted the study of its mobile users to find out what they looked at online. It found that users of the two operating systems have clear differences in what they were looking for, Dailymail.com reported.

Shibuya Dungeon Mobile Game Released on Android and iOS

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dungeon-1.pngVisiting Shibuya Station has never been so exciting, especially when treasure is involved.

The Japanese train station is brought to virtual reality in a brand new mobile action RPG for Android and iOS devices as “Shibuya Dungeon.” This top-down dungeon crawler re-imagines several facets of the real-life train station in Shibuya as a mysterious maze filled with monsters and treasures.